Our property management company in existence for over 50 years, has 25 employees, of whom seven tested property managers. We are a member of the National Guild of Vienna and the ÖVI – Austrian Real Estate Association. We specialize in the care of residential property investments; We currently serve approximately 230 objects. We are dedicated to one another with respect to carry out the administration of a condominium residential complex within the meaning of the Condominium Act, 2002 and customization of existing agreements homeownership use and allocation, ie to protect the interests of all property owners and to follow the instructions of the majority. All updates of Wohnbeitragsvorschreibung be processed on our computer system. We recommend a consistent monthly Wohnbeitragsvorschreibung. Our stipulation includes:

  • maintenance Fund
  • running costs
  • heating
  • other individual billing options.

The offsetting of VAT with the tax office will be made by us on a monthly basis. The maintenance Contributions earn the best possible way.